Monday, July 25, 2011

Lamenating... Shamentating

So, last week, I went off to the local teacher goods store to pick up some of the essentials for any new teacher.... Fancy borders for my classroom bulletin boards, coordinating letters, and a few other miscellaneous items that happened to hop in my cart. I was fortunate enough to only have to pay $1.60 out of pocket thanks to my super sweet mother-in-law who has been giving me gift cards for the store every chance she could. :)

I came home and started punching out all 216 letters from each of the 2 packs of letters. This alone, took over an hour. They sure look pretty, don't they?
So then my dear husband and I were discussing whether it would be worth it to laminate all of my new loot. They do retail at about $8.00 a pack. I wanted to make sure that I preserved my investment so I insisted that I go laminate them. He felt that it wouldn't be wort all of the time it would take to cut them all out... something about "time is money... blah blah blah". What does he know? He is a CPA, surely he doesn't know anything about classroom materials. 

So this morning, I met my mother-in-law at the districts graphics department so that I could laminate. She showed my how and told me how to slow it down. Well, I had no idea quite how difficult this process could be. I ended up overlapping lots of my letters due to my impatience and lack of attention to detail. ARRRGGHHHH Oh well! 54 feet of laminating later and dealing with people from the district who have absolutely no concept of customer service. 

And then the fun begins! I am so thankful for my dear supportive mom who was wrangled into helping me cut out all of the laminate. She even let me leave half of it at her house for her to work on in the evenings when she wasn't painting her house. 

This is Just a day in the life of a new teacher. 


Pamela said...

Live and learn :) We all do. Just a tip: during the year anything you laminate will be a great opportunity for parents to volunteer. Just send them home with the laminate, scissors, and a due back date and sit back and relax. :)

Mrs. Shepherd said...

I am totally with you I did the same thing and gave rolls to family memebers to cut for me. Just found your site and am now a follower!

Mercedes said...

Those letters are beautiful! I would love just to decorate with them.

Mrs. S. said...

I want some of those letters, too! Check out your parent volunteers...they always help cut our laminating! ;)


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Amy Cain said...

So funny. I have the same letters and also had my mom help me out! She kept them for me and worked on them in her free time :o)


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