Saturday, July 16, 2011

VistaPrint... yep addicted to that too!

When I think about all of the time that I spend surfing the net to find great VistaPrint ideas, blog stalk, and pin things on Pinterest you all (although presently I only have 1 follower) must think I am an obsessive sloth living in pure filth. Well, I am obsessive about great ideas, but I won't be featured any time soon on "Hoarders".

Well, any how,  here are some of the super ideas that I have "borrowed" from other websites to come up with my own. Sadly, I was not keeping track of where I got the ideas from so I can not give credit.... but there are some really great teachers out there with really great ideas! I have not ordered all of these, yet. 

This is a T-Shirt that I got (for free) for my husband for his first Father's Day. The small text at the bottom says, "The only guy a girl can trust in life is her daddy." 

Small stamp (I haven't ordered this yet. But I would prefer it to be in RED so I am debating if I want to pay the $2 or $3 for the upgrade)

Here is a large banner that I thought I would put outside my classroom. 
Return address label

Another return address label
Yard sign that can just live on the white board ledge

Found this idea on a teacher's website. (sorry I don't know which website) These can be used to keep track of how much a student has earned for the classroom economy) I really like MRs. Newingham's blog on Scholastic for this:

Great way to for a friend to keep track of work for absent students

Car door magnet

Sticky notes to ask for copy services in the work room

I love the idea of the Desk Fairy because I can not stand to see a messy desk!

This bag can go home with the Star of the week to remind them to bring in something for show and tell.

I hunted for a quote about education and think this quote will serve me well as a constant reminder to stay positive with students

Great Rubber stamp idea


Nancy Wilson said...

Thanks for linking up! I really like your sticky notes for making copies!
Thanks, Nancy

The Apple Basket Teacher

Mariemarie86 said...

Hello, I just wanted you to know that you can get FREE shipping and a bunch of FREE items if you just use this link.
I know it says it expired, but I placed 10 orders already... all free items (only 10 FREE items at a time are permitted), and I logged out... click this link and logged back in... checked out and my shipping was FREE (and to top it off, each order was only $1.49)! The only thing is that you have to make your order $1 or more. So just change the color of your stamp to red! :) Just what you wanted anyway.

Also, as for the FREE items, just make sure the item actually says "FREE" in the item name, such as FREE Pen. You can also use the offers in your order confirmations for FREE things with this free shipping deal too.

Erika said...

I'm addicted too. Just placed my third order in a few weeks. And now, I have to try the free shipping as mentioned in the comment before mine...arghh!

Scrappingurl said...

Found you through Pinterest (somehow). How did you create your sticky notes? I've tried, can't seem to figure it out! Thanks!

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